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Are you feeling a bit stuck, directionless or just have a vague sense of something not being quite right? Are you feeling depressed, anxious, lonely or perhaps you’re feeling that those close to you are not responding to you in the way you want them to? Perhaps you’re experiencing patterns of behaviour or negative thoughts that you’d like to understand and change but don’t know how to? Are you missing the “flow” of life? Do you feel lacking in energy?

Are you new to Amsterdam and finding things a little but different to how you thought they might be?

You may feel that it’s counselling that you need. You may feel that you also need something a little more health based such as nutritional advice alongside counselling. You may feel that like some of our clients, that you would benefit from a mix of getting in touch with mind and body and soul and therefore yoga, counselling and nutritional advice come as a whole package? Amsterdam Counselling offer a choice to suit your needs. Pick and mix…the choice is yours… we don’t do a hard sell!

Jason is a qualified Psychotherapist and Kendall is a renowned Dietitian/Nutritionist who also specialises in Eating Disorders and meal planning. Kendall is also a Yoga Alliance registered teacher. We believe that by working together, by gently exploring what might be going on for you, is a step towards self-awareness and in turn, can translate into a transformative and more fulfilled life. Working together, we can explore what’s going on for you beneath the surface and give you insights so that you can make the changes you need to make your life more balanced and healthy.

From our training and experience, we draw from a wide range of therapeutic techniques to suit the individual needs of our clients. One thing we would stress is that you, as a client, you are in control of your sessions; we work individually at a pace that is comfortable for you. Pop over to “A little about us” to see if you think that we may be able to work together.

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