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With an overabundance of misinformation about nutrition and health, Kendall focuses on evidenced-based nutrition counseling and diet strategies to meet the unique needs of her clients, considering medical conditions, lifestyle, and food preferences. Diet changes can be incredibly overwhelming. Kendall helps simplify nutrition information and find more enjoyment in modifying dietary habits. She specializes in providing clients the tools and resources needed to create healthy, life-long habits. Kendall is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals, finding balance and happiness along the way.

Kendall received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of North Florida. Over the past decade, Kendall has provided nutrition services in inpatient hospital settings as well as outpatient clinics and underserved community centers.

The Ultimate Goals are:-

  • Providing nutrition education to make healthier food choices
  • Understanding how nutrition affects physical and mental health
  • Improving your relationship with food
  • Behavior modification to reach goals (short-term and long-term)
  • Freedom from guilt and shame
  • Enjoying the journey and imperfection!

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